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Misc - Start

There are always some things that simply don't fit anywhere else. The "miscellaneous" heading is best for such stuff. And that's exactly what you'll find here: statistics, system data, documentations and a thousand other things.

Specifically, this is made up of the following:

  • Start
    This is where you are at the moment.
  • Tools
    One tool or another can be found here For example, a list of all BBS users, a few "who is online" functions, a little current system information and the like.
  • Statistics
    How would the world exist without our very own falsified statistics? What a sad place! That's the reason there are some of them here. Naturally, first and foremost the famous statistics of the MS-free Webalizer, and then a little other stuff.
  • Documentations
    A number of documentations are available here. Mainly docs on the software used in this system. Since these are fairly clear-cut and offer a good summary, I didn't want to withhold them from the users. Thus, everything here is free for the taking. Incidently, there are also a few links to local mirrors of other sites here.
  • Search Docs
    This is a nice extra for the ducumentations: a local search index permitting quite comprehensive and detailed searches. In contrast to elsewhere, hits are really only displayed once in this case. And extra searches can even be performed in the mirrors.
  • CUG
    The "Closed User Group" of the system. In plain English, a restricted user group. Nothing secret about this, and certainly no WaReZ kindergarten. This just contains stuff that's presently in the test phase, and thus hasn't yet been released for general use. For example, some of the tools mentioned above.

Please note:Most of the tools are still in the test phase. And by the way, the rest of this section is also still a bit disorderly.