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Classical mailboxes are normally displayed in the form of a simple, 80 x 20 character text-mode screen. The colors and graphics are rendered using ANSI codes. Software known as a "terminal program" is required to make this operate properly. This is, if you will, a kind of text-mode web browser with dialer. :-) A dialup through the Internet is simple, since nearly every operating system includes the necessary software. This is termed a telnet client. In principle, this need only be set to ANSI emulation, and off you go.

However, there are two problems: firstly, you cannot download anything with a telnet client, and secondly, most of these clients are incapable of displaying IBM-PC characters correctly. Thus, the display may not look so good, and the client also doesn't offer complete functionality. But it's easy to overcome such difficulties if you use a regular terminal emulator with telnet capabilities. Or a telnet client that can use the IBM-PC character set and offers a download protocol such as z-modem. You'll find both of these available for download on this page.

Download Description
ZOW314.ZIP (Win32)
(Size: 966k, Date: 02.09.2000)
Zap O' Comm (ZOC), for Windows 95/98/NT or OS/2 as desired. In any case version 3.14, on this page in English (you will find the German versions in the German-language section of the site). ZOC is a terminal emulator that enables you to access a classical mailbox online, for example using telnet. But you can also use it for a thousand other things. The program operates using telnet, but naturally also with any modem or ISDN terminaladapter, and with a supplementary module it can even directly interface with a version 1.1 or 2.0 CAPI. Connections through named pipes in a local network, or the use as a client for a secure shell host (SSH) are similarly possible. Incidently, ZOC is shareware - but the only restriction is that a nag window appears prior to a download.
ZOC314.ZIP (OS/2)
(Size: 966k, Date: 02.09.2000)
(Size: 112k, Date: 14.09.1999)
A text-mode telnet client that includes the z-modem protocol and correctly displays the IBM-PC character set. The archive contains versions for Windows95/98/NT and OS/2. In addition, the package is already pre-configured for use in accessing the OWL-Server. Just unpack the archive, start the program, connect to the Internet and you're on your way. Incidently, this program - that is only available in English - is freeware, i.e. costs nothing, and is not restricted in any way.

And now that you have a real terminal emulator on your hard disk, have fun trying everything out and browsing in the mailbox, just like in granny's "good old days". This is really nice, even if not many people are still familiar with it nowadays.

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